Busy Life

What?!?!?! Your life is crazy too? Get out!!!!

Okay. So we all are leading crazy busy lives doing this and that and the other thing. Kids, jobs, activities, birthday parties, house chores, etc. etc. etc. Oh and no one even mentioned what is happening for dinner! So what do you do? How do you scale back and make sure you are still taking care of yourself at the same time you are taking care of everyone else around you?

Well, I'm really not sure but here are some of the things I do. My husband and I read a book with our children every night before we tuck them in. Ali is into Star Wars so we have been reading about her favorite character Darth Vader every night since Christmas. Macyn changes it up a bit but loves her Disney stories. My husband and I like to relax afterward by watching a TV series together. Currently, we are stuck in The Walking Dead. On the weekends we try to have lazy mornings with the girls in our jammies and sometimes travel to visit family or take the kids somewhere fun. And then... the week starts over again just like in Ground Hog Day.

I laugh when people tell me "These are the days you will want back". I laugh because I'm exhausted and overwhelmed and busier than I like to be and I lose arguments with pint sized versions of myself on a daily basis. I cannot sit down to dinner and just relax nor can I go to the bathroom in peace. Having a conversation on the phone is pretty much not doable due to extreme background noise. So while it sounds insane to want any of that back I know what I will want back. I will want the undeniable love of my two little girls. The hugs and kisses and snuggles and squeals when you walk in the door from work. I will miss reading to them and tucking them in bed and knowing they are safely placed there for the evening. I will miss their squishy cheeks and giggles and being able to squeeze them anytime I want to (because its still cool for mom to do so!). The non-glorious, hard, and frustrating parts of this age will fade and I will be left remembering what sweet little beings they truly are.

So I challenge you. Keep life busy, it is good to be moderately busy for the mind and body. But if life seems just a little too overwhelming at times stop and accept the chaos you are in, realize it is going to pass both the good and bad of this chaos will eventually pass and a new life challenge will present itself at your door. Hold onto your faith and always know God will not give you more than you can handle. And find something for you and you alone. It is important and imperative that you have something for yourself to refill your tank! For me that is SeneGence and I couldn't be more personally fulfilled!


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