I am both excited and intimidated to be writing in a blog. To start, I am NOT a writer (so please excuse any punctuation errors). Additionally, I don't know what I have to say that could be of interest to anyone else. But... working in my favor is that I like to talk. A LOT! ;) It is true that you can talk too much and I am certain I have in many situations throughout my life. There is wisdom in silence and that is something I struggle to master. However, I do believe that talking is connecting and life is about connecting in a positive way with others.

My career is fairly serious, as I deal with life and death and see people at their most vulnerable. Through connecting with them, I hope it helps ease their way through the medical challenge they are facing. SeneGence has been a much lighter way of connecting with people and it has brought such joy to my life thus far! I enjoy the products, I enjoy the friendships, I enjoy watching my clients sport their new LipSense colors and feel beautiful doing it. I enjoy helping other women step out of their comfort zone and build a business of their own which brings blessings to their life. Blessings come in many forms. Some are financial, some are an encouraging word from another distributor on a day you need to hear an encouragement. Some are a creative outlet to make something that is all your own with an image you have developed. Some are the return of purpose, self-worth, and confidence. For me it is a combination of many of these things that makes me excited about this company every day!

I get asked all the time what my favorite LipSense color is. EEK... this is a hard one! I honestly, cross my fingers, cannot pick just one. I don't think I could pick just 5 favorite colors. See before LipSense I think I may have owned 2 tubes of lipstick that sat in my drawer and only got used when I had a formal event to attend. Even then I was ALWAYS unhappy with the color in some way. The totally fun thing about LipSense to me is that sooo many colors look great on. Colors I am even reluctantly trying on to post for my audience to see I end up loving how it looks. I have yet to find a "bad" one in the whole bunch (Full Disclosure: I have not tried them all yet but have tried most). But then, lets say one color is too dark. Well then I just layer a lighter color on top and then Whala! The perfect shade of that color was made for me! I actually look forward almost every morning deciding on what color I am going to wear that day. It is harder than you know to make this decision when you have so many colors at your fingertips but that is the fun of it!

After starting with SeneGence, I had many close friends look at me like I was crazy. "What in the world is Nikole doing Direct Sales for?!?!" Is what I imagine they were and probably still are thinking, but of course the line of questions from them were much more subtle and less judgmental sounding. Nonetheless, I knew in my heart this felt right. Since I was historically a "negative Nancy" on Direct Sales or Multi-Level Marketing businesses, I can understand their line of thought. It is very interesting the path life can take you down. I do believe we have choices. I could have chosen not to follow my intuition and not have become a SeneGence Distributor. But I believe those choices are laid in front of us by a greater power, who knows better than we do what we need in our lives at any particular time. It can sometimes be a complete surprise (ie. me joining an MLM) and sometimes it is predictable. I think the biggest mistake we can make is passing up the surprises because of our own stubbornness and preconceived notions about certain things. Last fall I had opened my mind and my heart and prayed that God would direct me in a path of happiness and enjoyment in regard to jobs and I believe that is exactly what he has done. In a way I wouldn't have imagined, wouldn't have predicted, but what he knew was right for me. I haven't looked back and am beyond thankful for this fun opportunity!

Imagine a joyful heart. Pray for a joyful heart. Get your joyful groove on!

~ x o x o ~

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