A B O U T  M E

Hello!  I am Nikole Booth and have proudly been a SeneGence International Independent Distributor since December 2016.  By trade, I am a Physician Assistant and still work full time as such.  My husband and I have two very beautiful little girls and the sweetest little boy that keep us busy and bring love and smiles to our everyday lives. 


Prior to joining SeneGence, my heart was open to something that would provide residual income for our family and be a fun, creative outlet for me.  However, I never thought that opportunity would be in the form of Direct Sales!  I didn't believe they were "pyramid schemes" but I did believe you had to be pushy and salesy to be successful, two things I am not.  After trying LipSense, I was hooked!!! The product was amazing and the business became so much fun!  With all of this added up and some faithful prayers, Luxury Is Pure Sense was created. 


Between how much of myself I give to my family and my profession, before SeneGence, I had lost ME somewhere in the mix.  The outgoing, self-confident, ambitious me that I always knew.  It is amazing how insidiously it happens but it happens to so many moms I know.  SeneGence has been the challenged that I needed for those qualities to reemerge.  I love creating new friendships, encouraging other women to become their best self, and above all else bringing joy to as many lives as I can, including my own.  SeneGence to me is about joy.  The joy it brings me and the joy it brings to others.  It is my mission to meet every person where they are at and support them in their goals.  Therefore, I am here for you if you want to try the products, if you want a wholesale membership, if you want to earn some extra income or if you want to build a lip business empire!


I am so thankful to Joni Rogers for her vision, leadership and faith based business, the integrity of SeneGence's Corporate team, and the daily support and encouragement of the team I am surrounded by.  Most importantly, I am thankful for all of my clients, friends and family who continually support me every day! 


Find something that brings JOY to your life and do it! 


~ XOXO ~